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Camouflaged tissues or tissue paper

Camouflaged tissues or tissue paper

Paper handkerchiefs, mostly under the brand name "Tempo towels" ® are known. Likewise, dry and wet tissue paper sheets in small quantities, this and the "tempo" ® are packed in waterproof sheets. The areas of application of the two cloths or paper are hard to count on.
An application, in particular the "Tempo towels" ® should be highlighted,: the use in the great outdoors as "outdoor sanitary paper". For the pure function hardly something new has to add, even more rarely, this should respect a real inventive step be to attain. This also applies to tissue paper. The conventional use as a handkerchief, and the easy disposal by thoughtless throwing away can hardly be avoided.
However, one disadvantage of the paper (and of course the "auxiliary papers" of any kind) falls to the nature-conscious walkers or his female counterpart on unpleasant. The luminosity of the papers highlight on the edge of the trails more or less sheltered places where hikers and wanderers followed a human need and who relieves himself.
Bright they announce the closing of a transaction and still adorn long the point of success. The next seekers or the next seekers discovered the body, embarks hastily there and adds to the light or white conversation grandchildren more (paper) Stain removal. A ban on O.A. Usages will be hardly enforceable and verifiable. Even in urban areas would a gray, college or city-masked paper, inconspicuous than the hygienic white.
Utility Patent no. 20 2014 003 666.7 camouflaged paper handkerchiefs or masked hygienic paper are described. The research of the DPMA revealed that already have paper handkerchiefs with leopard and zebra patterns on the market. The question is whether that can serve as camouflage in the sense of the application as a novelty hostile enumerated leopard pattern.

Furthermore, it has been found in our own research that the paper towels and tissue papers are always printed on one side.

That makes for the usual use and meaning; the paper is used and then disposed of properly in a wastepaper basket. Whether the unprinted side is visible or not, is entirely irrelevant. It is important to briefly desired when viewed before using the "Message" of the print.
Even if they are not disposed of properly, the residence time to await possible disposal is short.
For the purpose of the application is likely, however, that the disposed in nature, forest and field Tissues or tissue paper can be simply dropped -from sight, out of mind. Since there is no one who rages his sense of order and disposed of the apparent unorthodox used papers in a friendly manner.
Bright they announce the closing of a transaction and still adorn long the place of success", as described above, this -and with the described disadvantages and over a longer period.

This means that it is mandatory to print the papers on both sides with the camouflage pattern of the invention or the camouflage. Nobody can demand from a rather embarrassed person to the paper evenly public use, here with unilateral zebra or leopard print, correctly, that the camouflaged face up stores.

Why is the packaging of paper handkerchiefs and dry travel sanitary paper made of plastic and not paper, is puzzling. Therefore, the invention provides to make the packaging ideally made of paper, wherein the camouflage pattern should prevail here.

The object of the invention is to put this unsightly, but hardly to be avoided, optical environmental blight to hide modestly and be made almost invisible.
For this purpose, it is provided the paper towels, the sanitary paper or other auxiliary documents, such as paper towels or napkins, must be such that they discarded after use or left behind in the mountains, in the forest, field, beach or desert hardly notice. For this purpose they are to establish that they adapted to the nature of use of colors, for example, , masked in khaki, gray or olive ideally, Artwork and are printed with this solid colors or camouflage pattern on both sides, with one-sided printing is sufficient if the color the paper so penetrating that both sides produced the desired effect. Further, the used papers reaching - usable paper and over pack - is provided partly on one side or in their entirety with bacterial growth substances, nutrient solutions or culture media, for example, Nutrient agar, corn steep liquor or carrot juice is provided, wherein the broth is simultaneously used to stain the paper. The nutrient solution dries and is later activated by the ground or humidity. so you is the natural bacteria available; complete degradation of paper towels or sheets is accelerated.
The advertising imprints, not only the manufacturer, on cloth and packaging are lyrically so Artwork that they as be presented by tourism enterprises, walking clubs, walking areas, conservationists or carnival as advertising or litter material, sold or thrown.
Note: The term "tempo" is a registered trade name, among others for paper handkerchiefs, the company Aktiebolaget SCA Finans, Stockholm, SE